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We offer solutions to empower

telecom operators

Based on the market requirements and competition landscape, we can be your solution to the retail market penetration or sustainability - Offering bilateral and open pipe opportunities in key destinations of the world. We can be your gatekeeper to monetise the potential of your A2P business.

Zero default on payments

We can proudly make this claim and this is one of the core strength of our business conduct

Experts in wholesale voice and messaging

Our experience has made us learn the intricacies of the wholesale business. We are one of the few aggregators who have been able to come up with customised campaigns for retail operators for their local markets e.g. open pipe deals in Saudi market.

Business history of more than a decade

Nothing can replace experience and the time spent in this industry has made us go from strength to strength

Energetic team helping the business growth

We have a dedicated team for the development of our wholesale business comprising of a talented pool

Connected to all the known telecom operators of the world

List includes Saudi Telecom Company, Telenor, DU, Zain, Omantel, Mobily, Airtel and China Mobiles etc.

The primary services
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Wholesale Voice

We cover the globe and have good control of Pakistan and GCC destinations while currently focusing on Africa.

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Wholesale Messaging

Amongst the top SMS aggregators of EMEA region and we work closely with Mobile operators to manage their business as a preferred partner.

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Fraud Management System

State of the art FMS to solve one of the most annoying issues for a telecom operators.

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SMS Firewall

360 degrees’ protection to MNOs to monetise A2P messages using vast knowledge base of keyword filtering and message patterns.