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We are passionate about our business. We care about how we do business and what we deliver to our clients.

WholeSale Voice

Voice is our expert domain. We have gradually moved up the client ladder and now proudly claim to have the most sophisticated set of customers within our Tier. International voice is facing stalled growth in Asia and declining in other markets of the world. Acmetel has swiftly shifted from a broad focus to specific opportunities by only interconnecting to customers that resonate our direction and none of our customers lay idle. Starting from Pakistan, we have added Middle East, South East Asia successfully to the portfolio and now expanding to Americas.

Wholesale Messaging

In a very short span of time we have achieved exponential growth in Int'l A2P Messaging industry and have achieved status of top tier SMS aggregator in EMEA region especially Pakistan. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced VOIP resources who are well versed in targeted sales, account management and relationship building with extensive market knowledge of EMEA & Europe destinations.

Fraud Management System

We are offering a flexible, reliable and efficient data analytics platform for fraud management needs of the modern telecom world. Analyzing millions of realtime records, FMS automatically adapts to changing fraud patterns, saving millions per month. FMS requires minimal customer resources, hence providing further cost saving. The system has multiple reporting functions for all services that you provide.

SMS Firewall

Our SMS firewall provides mobile network operators (MNOs) with a state of the art solution to monetize their A2P messages. It provides 360 degrees’ protection to MNOs. Our A2P monetization team performs network audit of MNOs to identify revenue leakages from inside (MO) and outside (MT) the network. We bring in a vast knowledge base of keyword filtering and message pattern of OTT traffic to stop leakages via sim gateways. We also specialize in smoothly transiting grey traffic to monetized channels for MNOs. In terms of investment for MNOs, we give them option of zero investment – Revenue Sharing or Capex whichever one benefits them.